Mr. Som Morokot is a son of a farmer. Due to economic problems, he only studied until the 8th grade. Afterward, he was self-taught by reading books and researching through Google, Yahoo, and Facebook until he mastered information technology (Network Security). Now he has gained a lot of trust in the system and is sharing his knowledge about information technology, monetization, and social media.
Mr. Som Morokot is a well-known expert in the field of social media which is very recognized in Cambodia nowadays, but before his success, he is a very responsible mentor that’s why he’s recognized and trusted by his students and all his friends, even though he (Som Morokot) only studied in the 8th grade.

Mr. Som Morokot was born in Svay Udom village, Sangkat Pon Sang, Khan Prek Pnov, Phnom Penh.
Mr. Som Morokot has 6 siblings (3 sisters, 3 brothers), and he is the third child.
Mr. Som Morokot said that he did not go to the university like others, he only read books about “Information Technology”. “At that time, after my father left (passed away), I have nobody to support my study, which is why I decided to drop out of school and my mother suggested that I should become a monk.” After being ordained a monk, he worked hard to learn and understand about new technology and Information Technology. So he began to understand and learn from it. Mr. Morokot added, “From the beginning, I have never studied with a teacher in this Social Media and Information Technology field. I only study on YouTube and Google.”

Mr. Som Morokot left his monkhood and started working his way with Facebook Page and monetization via Facebook and YouTube from 2009 to the present. With great effort, he finally succeeded in teaching IT Security-related courses at a private Institute in Phnom Penh. In 2012, Morokot went to work in Bavet City (IT Engineering) for 8 years, then in early 2020 he returned home and taught students how to Make Money Online (MMO). “After coming home, I started to share my knowledge about work related to business in the digital world and also helped them solve many problems without charging them tuition fees” Morokot said.
Through reading and working experience over the past 10 years, Mr. Som Morokot has now become a renowned IT expert with a lot of supporters today in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

*As a piece of advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs and young people interested in starting a business or career in the digital world, Som Morokat encourages them to have high commitment, as starting a business is not easy and even gets harder unlike what we planned. At the same time, we need to be creative and create value propositions for our customers and individuals involved in our business.

By vulbv