How to buy account, nick Facebook Cambodia
Step 1: Visit FB Som morokot
Step 2: Contact my Account Time AU
Step 4: Choose the type to buy and the quantity to buy
Step 5: Get account information

Account information when buying an account, Facebook nick

When you buy a Facebook account, you will be provided with information to access the account
You will be provided with a file list of nicks in the following format: UID | Password | Cookie | Encrypt 2FA or UID | Password | 2FA Encryption | Cookie | or UID | Password | 2FA Encryption | Cookie | Email + password
Each nick is on 1 line, each information field is separated by a vertical dash “|”
Due to the high security of FB, if you log in with your username and password in the usual way with few accounts, it’s okay, but when you log in to multiple accounts on the same machine, your account will be locked. So forcing you to use login via 2FA is the most optimal way.
UID: is a series of identifiers for a facebook account and can be used as a login name
Password: is the password to access the nick
FB Extra Security Layer 2FA Code
Instructions for logging into a basic facebook account using the form UID – PASS – 2FA
Step 1: Create chrome profile, firefox profile, edge profile or brave profile….Depending on what browser you are using
Step 2: Open and enter with UID and PASSWORD => Facebook will ask for a security code
Step 3: We start to get the 6-digit security code by using the 2FA security code line available when purchased as follows:
– Copy the 2FA encryption at the end of each line corresponding to each account
– Go to
Paste the code copied in step 1 into the box: 2FA Sercet
In the 2FA Code box, a 2FA code will appear, a 6-digit string, copy this string and fill in Facebook to complete the login.
Step 4: Copy the 6-digit security code just obtained and paste it into the requested Facebook page.

???? ???????????????????????????????? new Accounts ???? Cheap Price ????️ F‌a‌st Delivery ⚡ Register in 2023
Other information ℹ️
????Cookies are included.
????2FA included.
????use 2fa.Live to decode 2FA code
????The account profiles may be empty or have limited entries such as photos and other information.
The Facebook accounts are registered automatically.
Verified by email, email NOT included.
The accounts are registered from Cambodia IP.
The accounts names are in Latin.
MAle or female.
2FA in the set.
The account profiles may be empty or have limited entries such as photos and other information.
Useragent and cookies included.
Accounts data format. The data format is specified to facilitate reading the received details and may differ slightly. It does not affect an account’s health

login:password:2FA code:Useragent:Cookies

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